Operations Analyst
Job Description
Analyze current operations for cost efficiencies and profitability. Takes into account all cost factors, with special attention to supply chain costs attributable to logistics and inventory. Determines financial requirements and options for changes in, and further development of, business model based on input from managers. Based on study and management direction, develops new performance objectives and standards. May include recommendations for product chain improvement, addition or deletion of products sold, staffing addition or re-deployment, enhancement of marketing activities, and any other areas specified by management to achieve better operational efficiency and cut waste. Includes gathering, review, organization of data about company problems, bottlenecks, and procedures, especially as relates to the costs attributable to complex logistics. Recommends work simplification to streamline internal forms and procedures. With management approval, designs and implements systems and procedures to ensure accurate records management and documentation of compliance. Responsible to review academic, government, and industry trends in international trade generally as well as specific focus on automotive parts sector, advising management accordingly to assist in future planning.
Job Requirements
  • Master of Business Administration, Management or closely related
  • Experience: 1 year of experience in the job offered, OR, Budget Analyst as alternate occupation

Submit resume at 2500 Troy Ave, S. El Monte, CA 91733 or hr@genuinepartsgiant.com. Genuine Parts Giant, Inc. Attn: HR.